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        1. We provide pivotal supply chain solutions to the most successful companies in the world.

          Forbes' Best in Spain


          March 10, 2020

          Forbes' Best in Spain

          XPO Logistics named by Forbes as a Best Company to Work for in Spain for 2020

          Supporting Girls With Impact
          March 5, 2020

          Supporting Girls With Impact

          XPO Logistics renews support of Girls With Impact for 2020, funds business leadership training for teenage girls

          XPO and Mercedes-Benz leadership pose together
          March 4, 2020

          XPO and Mercedes-Benz

          XPO Logistics partners with Mercedes-Benz to provide extensive UK transportation solutions.

          XPO conveyors 16x27


          Supply Chain Logistics

          Put our innovation to work for your contract logistics and returns management.

          XPO truck driving down road


          Rely on our extensive capacity, route density and unmatched choice of modes.

          XPO Less-Than-Truckload truck


          National footprint of safe, reliable drivers and trucks. Major owned capacity.

          XPO investor presentation

          Investor Presentation

          Exploring Strategic Options

          Exploring Strategic Options